Danielle, a victim of human trafficking

Danielle (18) was trafficked to the UK to work in the sex industry.

"My life was normal before I was trafficked at the age of 15. My friend was offered a summer job in London and I decided to go too. At the airport we were met by some men who handed £3,500 to the guy who'd travelled with me. To my horror I realised I'd been sold. I was taken to Birmingham by the man who bought me. He raped me then took me to a brothel and said I had to have sex with customers. I was too terrified to refuse. One of the other girls working there said 'Don't think about trying to escape, wherever you run they will find you.' I worked in the brothel for several months before I escaped. Clients could see that I was distressed but none of them ever offered to help.

"I'm trying to rebuild my life. But what they did has changed me forever."

Vilnius, Lithuania. 2006.
© Karen Robinson / Panos Pictures