Divia, a victim of human trafficking

Divia (28, Indian) is a former domestic slave.

"I have been living rough in Britain for the last seven years. I know your park benches very well. I live hand to mouth. The trouble began when the Kuwaiti family I was working for suggested I come to England to look after their son and his family. The woman there told me I would sleep on the floor in the utility room. It was stone-cold in winter. I became sick. My eyesight started failing. I think it was from hunger. They wouldn't let me eat their food. I could cook it. But not eat it. I couldn't stand the shouting and the hitting.

"After six months, I crept out. I went to the police, but my English was poor. They couldn't understand. They told me to go away. After that I had to go to the park to sleep and it¹s been like that for most of the time since. A job for one week, one month, whatever. I¹m very wary of men who offer me work. If I was in trouble and had to call the police, they'd arrest me because I am now an illegal immigrant."

London, UK. 2007.
© Karen Robinson / Panos Pictures