Sheila, a victim of human trafficking

Sheila (20, Ugandan) was a victim of human trafficking.

After being orphaned at 15, she was taken from Uganda by a family friend and sold to a man in the UK for sex. She escaped, but not knowing where or to whom to turn, was forced to sell her body to survive. Pregnant and desperate, she was directed to the Home Office.

"It was only from then I started getting some help. The Home Office gave me details of the Refugee Council and they got me a solicitor and I was referred to the NSPCC. They have helped me so much. I had no friends or family. Now I feel like I have a family. My daughter is four now and I am pregnant again. If I have a problem or if I want to kill myself or something or if I am depressed I know I can go to my key worker. It has made me feel like a human again. Before, I used to feel like a monster; now I am a human."

London, UK. 2007.
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